About Us

Service of the blind is the golden opportunity in life.

Our History

The school was instituted on 26th January 1968 by the Late Smt. Suhasini Satyawan Manjrekar. She was the Founder, Ex-President and Trustee of Pragati Andh Vidyalaya. Initially, there was only a single student attending the school, but now the attendance has gradually grown to over 55 students in 2019.

Our Mission

Pragati Andh Vidyalaya has been doing yeoman service in the field of education and rehabilitation of the visually challenged students in the village of Badlapur for the past 50 years. Our main goal is to work towards the improvement of educational facilities and rehabilitation of the blind community. In this process, we hope to help the blind population of India stand on their own feet and live an independent and self-reliant life.

Here, at Pragati Andh Vidyalaya, students are provided with free education up to the 10th standard along with free lodging, food, and medical services. Great efforts are taken to improve the existing condition and situation of the blinds.


26 January 1968
Late Smt. Suhasini Manjrekar

Registration Details

Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950.

Society Act, 1860.
Mah/Bom/7/68 TH.


Pragati Andh Vidyalaya,
Badlapur Gaon,
Tal. Ambernath, Dist. Thane,
Maharashtra 421503